Does frozen food really contain less nutrients than the usual type of fresh produce meats we usually see in the market? Should we consider changing our habits of started to purchase non frozen food starting from now?

In every end of the year, all of the consumer, especially grocery buyer will often turn to the freezer aisle which produce as well as easy-to-prepare entrées. But on the other side, with the sales of halal frozen food that have been rejected, estimate a 5% of them from the food company will be launching a food campaign just to boost the awareness and reputation of the business by promoting how high is their halal frozen foods ‘ nutritional value. And many of the consumer at these times will decide to believe the marketer and started to purchasing to it.

When you are buying any kind of frozen vegetables or fruits, always choose to use the easy rule to get the item only but nothing else, which means skipping the sauces and seasoning which is not necessary for your meal. You can always customize them to your own preferences and needs in your own unique way.

You have to know that you have already paid for the convenience with nutritional negatives in most frozen burritos, too.

Never, ever be fooled by the label of “authentic” or “organic” words in the description in the product packaging as these frozen options are every bit are low in nutrition unless you have been diagnosed with celiac disease. Any type of halal frozen food or meal that consider themselves as one of the most experience restaurants or one of the most popular franchise eateries home also bring home plenty of calories, saturated fat and sodium.

The new look of frozen food or frozen meal offers promises to be in the healthier choice category. Although it might be worth a look for days when you’re too frazzled to cook which I can totally understand your feeling, after working for one whole day and the tiredness, it just can’t care for it anymore.

Let’s take an example for this, food that contains 260 calories and two grams of saturated fat, with 460 milligrams of sodium of Quinoa and Vegetable Enchiladas have a modest 330 calories, 2.5 grams saturated fat and 230 milligrams sodium is considered fattening for one meal if you are really concerned about the fats and calories type of people, but if it is for one whole day intake, then it should be fine.

To summarize, Wholesale Frozen Food Singapore aisle is a lot like any rest of the supermarket in Singapore, it is only the chillier basically. You still have to read the labels stated on the product’s packaging in order to make the best choice by considering all the nutrition concern of yours. Remember, always take advantage of the halal frozen food options carefully, but make sure you read properly all the description and ingredient, oh and also, the most important part, the expiry date of each product.

Written by Frank Duncan

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