A saltwater reef tank could be incredibly breath taking. When done correctly, they can cause you to feel as though you’re sitting on a reef in the middle of the sea. Saltwater reefs could be expensive to begin and maintain compared to your normal fish only tank nonetheless.

This is as it’s crucial to have a potent light within your tank to maintain your corals living. You’ll also need to check the water’s parameters and dose the compounds which are required to maintain perfect sea water requirements (something you ought to be doing using a Fish Only tank, to a lesser extent). The kind of light required is based upon the kind coral that you would like to maintain, and their unique requirements.

Some coral requires quite extreme lighting like metal halides or T5HO lighting, though others do good with a lesser powered lighting, like electricity compact fluorescent lighting; a few coral reefs are non-photosynthetic and need no lighting at! However, we’ll get more into forms of light, and kinds of corals in future content. The Fantastic thing about coral and other invertebrates is They essentially add nothing to the bio load of this tank, so you can certainly pack coral on your tank, so no limitations on the Amount of colonies

Saltwater Reef Tanks

Experts: More varied, more intriguing to see close, more struggle, larger livestock, no bio fill worries with coral in a very small tank, there’s more colour, and much more identity in a volcano, in addition to the delight of seeing your coral increase from small frags into big mother colonies.

Disadvantages: More expensive, may be harder, requires better understanding to preserve, greater danger, higher challenge.

Although I can not go in that type of detail, I will be going more in detail about both fish and reef kinds of installations in future posts. I’ll also exhibit examples of the two kinds of tanks for everybody to see. This really is a fantastic hobby that I wish to make available to the planet, but I wish to help individuals conquer the beginner errors I see people make daily.

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Written by Frank Duncan

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